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Welcome to Old Kingdom Studies.com, a website that is dedicated to research into Old Kingdom Egypt.


Thesis Cover

My doctoral thesis is now available for purchase here.

This is the research site of independent Egyptologist, Gaye Wilson.

I studied Egyptology at Macquarie University, Australia, from 1986 to 2001. These pages show some of my research into Old Kingdom Egypt, including the text of my doctoral thesis.

My major research interest is the administration of Old Kingdom Egypt, as shown by the titles held by officials. My doctoral thesis studied the development of the cult of Ra in the Old Kingdom through the titles held by members of the Ra priesthood.

Current research

I am currently revising and expanding my doctoral thesis for publication. I would welcome all enquiries and suggestions regarding the Old Kingdom sun temples, and would be delighted to work with other scholars on this research issue.

Future research

My intention is to create a database of Old Kingdom titles for use by all interested scholars. To do this, I need a database developer. If you know of anyone who has created a complicated Egyptological database, I would love to hear from you.


Please email me at oldkingdomstudies @ gmail.com if you can help.

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