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My other sites

When I am not researching Ancient Egypt, I own a business that offers editorial and coaching services worldwide. Here are my other websites.

Business websites

Gryphonworks Editing and Coaching Services
Editorial services and other coaching services for businesses and individuals. I specialise in editing, proofreading and document layout (desktop publishing, if you want to call it that) for academic publications, with a strong emphasis on archaeological/Egyptological subjects. I also do the occasional index. Contact me if you are interested in working with me.

PhD Success
This is the website for the PhD Coaching part of my business. I have been coaching PhD students for over four years, to help them complete their degrees quicker and easier. I am a qualified coach. Contact me if you are interested in working with me.

All Paths to Victory
Devoted to issues relating to the attainment of one's goals in life. Discusses subjects such as how to deal with multiple projects, goal setting and achievement, clutter, health, environment, productivity, software.

Personal websites

The next two websites are about another life-long passion of mine: Guiding.

Resources for Australian Guiding. More resources are in preparation for youth leaders worldwide.

Baulkham Hills Guides
The website of the Australian Girl Guide district where I am a youth leader. Includes Guiding resources.

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